Dec 13th Emoticons addon for Interspire Email Marketer

A recent study by Experian Marketing Services found that 56% of the brands they tested experienced a higher unique open rate when using symbols in subject lines. For example, the most popular symbol — the black heart — resulted in an open-rate lift of 2.2%, while the black sun with rays increased open rates by 14.9%, and an umbrella produced ... Read More »

Oct 20th Spam Checking Tools And Tips To Avoid Your Newsletter Being Filtered, Blacklisted Or Marked As Spam

Sending out email newsletters and having them delivered reliably to your list of subscribers has become a greater challenge than I would have ever thought. Problem is, if you don't devote yourself to it, everything is set for your email newsletter to run into trouble. To not run into such issues, you really need to proactively do something about ... Read More »

Aug 8th Interspire Backup Addon Released

How painful would it be if you lost your Interspire Data today? If you were hacked, files corrupted, server damaged, or shut down by your host? On our marketplace we now have a new addon that simplifies the backup and restoration of both Interspire files and databases manually or on a predefined schedule. The addon can be configured to store the ... Read More »

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